Sunday, June 27, 2021


 My Gaming Journey Begins.

    I've always wanted to stream on the internet. The problem is, I have never had a computer that was capable of playing the games I wanted to. Even Minecraft was getting slower to me.  I could never find a screen capture device that worked right or was free. Lets face it, I am cheap. Then a co-worker told me about OBS (Open Broadcasting Software).  This opened a whole new world to me. Now I could stream, but my computer was too slow, then I met a new friend.

  A new hire at my place of employment turned out to be a gaming enthusiast, like I wanted to be.  He had an old computer that needed some parts that I could buy from him. Unfortunately, I didn't really have the money for that. I did, however, end up making a little green off of cryptos, so I used that to buy the parts I needed and pay him for the computer. I was now on the path. 

  That is where everything started going wrong. I had to buy a hard drive, a video card, and some ram for this computer. When I received all of the purchases, I gave them to my friend and he put everything together for me. Thanks man, Your the best.

  What I didn't expect was that the hard drive I bought would never pass the test.  I had to send it back. I don't want to name company names and brand names, I'm too nice to just bash their products online. I exchanged my broken drive for a different brand thinking maybe that would help in lessening the chances of a defective product. 


  My new drive lasted all of three months until it took a dump on me and I lost everything. I had to send it back to the manufacturer since it was past the return policy time at the place I bought it. I was just starting my YouTube channel too. When I received the new replacement drive, imagine my surprise when it too didn't work. Now I was losing me cool. I decided to use the rest of my crypto money to fix this problem once and for all. I bought a solid state hard drive. Now I don't have any mechanical parts to go bad on me.  

  Now that the computer is complete, I should be able to start streaming my gaming right?


  As with everything in my life there is always something getting in the way of what I would like to accomplish. You see, I have an internet box that connects to 4G towers. It has been working fine all this time, until I get the hard drive issue resolved. My provider likes to de-prioritize people who use over a certain amount of data in a month. The problem is, my family passes that threshold within the first week of a billing cycle. We get slowed down pretty quick. Then I started noticing that even when the billing cycle just started my internet was slow. 

  Support just chalks it up to congesting. What I think is that, since they are in the middle of merging their system and a company they acquired, either the new company added new users they are not prepared for or the messed something up when combining the system. Either way, I got the short end of the stick when it came to speed. So now I have a new working computer that can play the games I want but I dont have the interent to stream like I want.

  I live in the country so either I have slow DSL, satellite internet that has a low data cap, or 4G. Those are my options.  So that is where I am currently at in my journey. Once I figure this problem out though, I am in. It has been a tough road getting started, but I haven't given up yet. 

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